About me

Hi! I am Andrea Ávila, I am from Colombia, mother of two beautiful children and married with an amazing (and handsome) Belgian man.

I love cooking since I am a little child. I still remember the times in my granny’s kitchen and all her marvellous food.

I started to bake at 8 years old, with a very small oven and my own experiments, they were not so succesful but I did not give up.

After years of university, studying and after a master, I did not feel complete. Even when I liked my career, I felt it was not my destiny, my soul. But I have always had my pastry -complementary- job.

Once, when my baby girl was born, I though that maybe it would be the perfect time to start to run with my dream. I wanted to be a caker, but not a big one with pastry shop or working in a restaurant. I wanted to be an artisan, working in home, by side of my family and on my own.

An ARTISAN… Yes! So I will cook like my granny: always fresh -no shortcuts- real flavors, and a lot of love, time and passion in each one of my products.

 I have done already several courses, throughout my life, and I got my certification.  I am still learning and studying. Course by course, book by book.

At this time…? I love my new career, I feel complete and when I can have some free time, I would like to share my knowledge and thoughs with all of you.

Welcome to my blog.

Andrea Ávila