Ruby Cake… Those little and tiny rubies

An -exotic and sophisticated- cake to celebrate the Ruby Anniversary (40 years) from our uncles. To create this amazing cake, I got inspired on her (our aunt); she is so colorful and exotic, is a very illustrated woman and both of them are cautivated by  the foreing cultures.

This is a very Mediterranean cake, with rosmary and olive oil biscuit, with a heart mascarpone cream cheese made with (artisanal made) pomegranate syrup. The frosting is white chocolate italian buttercream with orange blossom water and poppy seeds. As decoration in the bottom, some (artisanal made) candied oranges.

On the top, this beautiful cake, has some pomegranate seeds washed with some pomegrante syrup. Decorated with two colors hydrangeas in buttercream and a few sugared rosemary leafs.

It was a perfect and EXOTIC mix of flavors, which, are not usual in Belgium; but they are very much along the Mediterranean.



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