Taste of Halloween

Halloween is a magical night and celebration. It has different names in different countries an cultures. It is basically, all around “dead”: Ghosts, bats, whitches, cats, deceased, autumn, spiders, Calacas, Trick or treat, costumes, sweets, family and children.

When you make your Halloween table or when you are thinking about how celebrate or what sweets/desserts to do… Just think, everything can be a Halloween treat!

It is all about your creativity, imagination and style. A very simple white chocolate dyed green or red, can turn your chocolate fontain in a very scary one.

This is a small cupcake Halloween table for a client (Raffaello’s cupcakes, Oreo’s cupcakes and Vanilla Bourbon’s cupcakes) and we will get crazy, this year, for our -traditional- Halloween party (I will post some photos in my brochure).

Regular desserts like cupcakes, can be easily turn in Halloween treats, just need some new decoration. What about a black iron pot wit war pumpkin soup? Or a white spider web cotton candy? Boiled eggs can be turned in awesome eyeballs, if you dyed the cream filling. Or a typical orange juice can be a purple witch potion, if you pour the juice in a bottle with a scary tag.

Just think about it and let your children help you, their imagination has not limits!

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  1. Jessica says:

    Love the picture! So sweet!


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