Granny’s three milk cake

This -absolutely decadent – sponge cake, soaked with three different kinds of milk, as: Evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream; can seduce you easily.

When you cut this cake, you can see how the sponge exudates the milk mix through its pores. It is moist and soft. It taste is -obviously- quite like milk, and you can combine with vanilla, chocolate or what ever flavour matches with milk.

The origin from this exquisite dessert is unknown, but what is true, is that -nowadays – is part of the american gastronomy, from Canada to Argentina.

The only reference to it, comes from the labels from Nestle condensed milk in 1940’s.

My customised version of my granny’s three milks cake, varies with the seasons. She used to make a very simple -but delicious- cake, frosted -just- with whipped cream.

Other way, I frost with torched Italian meringue, whipped cream or a simple glaze, filled with seasonal decorations and fruits.

This last beauty, is made with vanilla from Madagascar, filled with whipped cream (also with vanilla) and fresh figs; frosted with torched Italian meringue, sprinkled with candied pecan nuts with cinnamon and decorated with sugared rosemary and figs.

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  1. You have me under a spell. 😊 Thanks for sharing and you now have a new follower


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