Why caker/baker/pastry cook recipes are secret?

The people are used to exchange information and the recipes are considered as public domain. But it is not! Why? Well, the caker/baker/pastry cook or any kind of cook, has to invest a lot of time (sometimes months), resources and money to tune the recipe. (Called, intellectual rights/copyright)

This includes: Taking several courses, experience, reading books, researching and experimenting. Also all the ingredients, labor time, tools and resources are implicated in the process. Nothing of this is for free.

On the other hand, our family, friends, neighbours and loyalty costumers; get tired to eat once and again, and again, and again; the results of our experiments, and give their reviews, on which the cooks use to improve that recipe. Sometimes is even a dream, a goal! Be able to make it the way wants or expects.

Even grannys have their secret recipes, what they pass from generation to generation. And they are a big family secret.

So… Why do we expect that the cook give us his/her recipes for free? Even when we want to pay for it, doesn’t want to give them? Because is his/her right! They are his/her creation.

Then, when this don’t happen we get upset, there is not reason! And what you must to understand; is that -those recipes- are product from his/her effort and even is not his/her main job, they are his/her treasure, so don’t be rude and don’t insist.

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