Mystic Pie, my tribute to Bokrijk

One stormy night (really it was!), I was not able to sleep, so I was reading the news in Facebook. Suddenly I saw a post from the museum of Bokrijk about a cake contest and I almost jumped from the bed! I was so excited!

I love that museum, actually I live -nowadays- very close to it. Whatever, I immediatly though that I wanted to make something special, even if I have never done before or if it was too exotic that I will not be able to win, I did not care.

So, after thinking of my beloved museum and what it was for me and think what would be its taste, I got it! Lavender, rhubarb, lard, brown sugar, Bols (genever), buckwheat, cinnamon and goat cheese. The tastes of summer harvest, the middle ages style and the very local products.

I made the crust with the flavor of speculoos biscuits: Lard, Bols, cinnamon and brown sugar. The filling was a cold puding with goat cheese and candied rhubarb. The top was italian meringue with dry lavender seeds (from my garden) and as decoration, real candied lavender flowers.

There were many experiments because I have never done before a pie and the crust is not easy! My tasters helped me very much and the result was fantastic! Pity I didn’t win, but I am satisfied with my goal, because this is Bokrijk in a pie and everybody who tasted it loved it.

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