Why never less than dozen?

When you want to order a few cupcakes, often you find that the minimun ammount is 12 pieces. Why? Well, because when you are making cupcakes or any dessert (personal portion) in small amount, you have several steps to do depending of the complexity from the dessert. Whatever… It will takes you the same time to make batters, ganache, crusts, frostings, custers, etc for 6 pieces than for 12.

But the final price or is too high just for six pieces; because remember that you are not paying just for ingredients (including: water, electricity, packaging, transportation, etc), you are paying for knowledge (product of experience and several courses), style and labor time (and its thousand tools) from the caker. So it is so low that is not profitable for the caker (baker, pastry chef…) make it. In addition to that, you must to count the ingredients and its quality.

So, what would you prefer? (for example) Pay 5€/piece (dozen) or 7,5-10€/piece (less than dozen)?.

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