Charlotte Russe

 Has become a big inspiration for me. This -absolutely- enchanted cake, gives light and life to every table. It is sofisticated, romantic, soft and exquisite.

“(…) Classically, a Charlotte Russe used stale bread to line a cake mould, though nowadays sponge cake or lady fingers tend to be favoured. The centre can be filled with a silk bavarois cream that is set with gelatine or a fruitier version can be made with a mixture of whipped cream and fruit puree. Topped off with jelly.(…)” Telegraph

Some stories say that it was created by the french Chef Marie-Antoine Carême, in honor of Queen Charlotte, the wife of King George III.

One day, surfing up and down Pinterest (I love it!), I saw this marvelous creation and as from was summer and I am from Sudamerica; I decided to try a summer, tropical and fresh Charlotte Cake. With fresh mint (from my garden) and real mangos (I hate the idea of cook with aromas and chemical/fake flavors).

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